Wade Across Life – A Journey

Never Ending Anxiety – Vent Out

Some days she’s a warrior Some days she’s a broken mess. Most days, she’s a bit of both. But every day she’s there. Standing. Fighting. Trying -Unknown I read this quote on Facebook and have read it many times. What comes up for me is that I am just a broken mess on all of…

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Exclusivity in Relationship – How I see It

It’s been a week since I wrote something. Lots of thoughts come, and often very controversial, I hold back from sharing. I feared judgment even in this space where I write anonymously. I am a misfit in more ways than one. Totally rebellious, but trying so hard to fit into the norms of society. I…

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Multiple Romantic Relations and Struggle with Authenticity

In every romantic relationship, there is an underlying expectation one has. We want to believe that unconditional love is devoid of any expectations, but it doesn’t happen. The want for intimacy, safe space to share, availability of other person, an authentic engagement and a uniqueness factor is what we all aspire.Past few months, there has…

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A Shout out to Universe to send Help

My last post was about figuring out the choice I made. How logically I arrived at a place to end the dilemma after conflicting for many months. Voila! No more anxiety. I was on an emotional high for that day. I was sure of a smooth sailing ride in the future. What an overestimate! This state didn’t…

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A Dilemma – Walk away or Face Conflict

We all face conflicts almost every day in our lives. It is independent of the phase of life we are in. The conflicts always find a way to reach us. Even the relationships which were smooth sailing face unimaginable conflicts at times. I have been living in a conflicting situation for the last 4 months.…

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Chit Chat with Moony Moon

There is a poem by Christopher Poindexter where he writes why she is so romantic about moon. It reminded me of a poem I had written few years back about my relationship with moon. My dig through my archives was successful and here is the poem – Chit Chat with Moony Moon

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What Kind of a Girl You should Date

I found this on Goodreads today and it was so refreshing. I have been a strong protagonist of reading and always found solace in books. This dating advice by Rosemarie Uriquico found deep resonance in me today and a huge smile after a long time. Healing and letting go both are subtly happening. Maybe hidden,…

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Climbing Out – Her Short Love Story

She was in a lull with not much to look forward to, life was just going on. Her need to know what defined her had always been super strong and those thoughts which were playing on her mind once again. It was a place where most of us are at and we call that as…

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